Current User PositionsEdit

This is a page that shows the current positions held be the active users on this wiki. On Friday of December of 2013, there are 3 positions being held currently. 


The two admins on this wiki are Jason and Dop. (Formally known as DaughterofPoseidon14) You can contact them with these buttons. 

Chat ModsEdit

There is currently one Chat Moderator on this wiki known as CD/Cdragon. (More formally- Cdragon13.) 

Hiring :)Edit

Currently we are looking for A Roll Backer and Chat Mod. First to show up with their "resume" and pass get the spot. Requirements are exempted from this certain dillema. Thanks! 

More informationEdit

If you want to learn how to obtain User Rights and see the requirments, visit this page Request User Rights

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